Healing Butterfly® Superfoods Help Prepare Hospitality F&B for the Post-COVID Influx of Health-Conscious Travelers

Healing Butterfly® Superfoods Help Prepare Hospitality F&B for the Post-COVID Influx of Health-Conscious Travelers

Pure, immune-boosting ingredients to be a key element in hotel F&B operations as guest demand for healthy options increase in the post-pandemic travel era

Orlando — June 22, 2020 — Healing Butterfly®, a leading provider of superfood products for the foodservice and consumer retail markets, announces the availability of a proprietary line of specialty ingredients geared specifically toward hospitality F&B operations. The powerful new line of bulk packaged superfoods, which includes matcha teas, turmeric and plant-based protein ingredients, is designed to help hoteliers enhance in-house menu offerings during the post-COVID travel resurgence, in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of their guests.

“As travelers begin to return to the road and entrust their health and safety to hotel and restaurant operators, they will expect to have access to F&B options that are not only tasty, but that are specifically geared toward boosting their confidence, as well as their immune systems,” said Jackie Hirsch, founder and CEO of Healing Butterfly. Post-COVID guests will be much more demanding and rightfully so. Now more than ever, it is essential to provide nutritious, healthy options throughout the F&B operation.”

Healing Butterfly’s premier hospitality product line includes four flavored Matcha Green Tea Powders, including Chocolate, Ginger, and Pumpkin Spice and Classic Green Tea, all available in bulk, as well as single serve sizes, that are ideal for the hotel guestroom as a coffee alternative for health-conscious guests. All Healing Butterfly Matcha is sourced from an organic family farm in Japan, which abides by the strictest organic requirements. Their flavored Turmeric powders, which are sourced from an organic farm in India, is the basis for Chocolate Turmeric Golden Milk, which combines organic turmeric with organic superfood ingredients to produce a healthy and tasty beverage. In order to accommodate plant-based diets, Healing Butterfly also offers Aqua Sprout Plant-based Protein Powder, which provides bioavailable B-12, in addition to chlorophyll, plant omegas, plant, iron, magnesium and an amino acid profile similar to whey, but much more nutritious and supportive to the body.

Green tea contains a naturally occurring caffeine that is gentler to the system than coffee. In addition to being used in beverage form, Healing Butterfly Matcha Green Tea Powder is a versatile superfood ingredient that can add both taste and nutrition to breakfast items and pastries, as well as in savory applications, such as beef marinade, sauces and dressings. It provides a range of benefits, such as boosting the immune system and alleviating stress. “Our hotel F&B directors often mention that guests who drink matcha tend to be nicer to the staff and complain less,” said Hirsch. “They aren’t as edgy and jumpy, and it seems to erase jet lag gently.”

Although there are a wide range of special dietary requirements for hotel guests, caffeine-free and sugar-free are among the most common. Healing Butterfly Chocolate Turmeric Golden Milk blend provides a perfect coffee or tea alternative. Mixed with water or the guest’s milk of choice, Turmeric powder can be consumed any time of day, since it contains no caffeine. Its anti-inflammatory benefits make it gentle on the body and provide a soothing calm after the stress of traveling, when we are being bombarded with increasing external and internal stress and stimuli.

For recipe ideas or more information on Healing Butterfly’s exceptional line of superfood products, please visit www.hbutterfly.com.


About Healing Butterfly | Founded in 2017, Healing Butterfly is a Central Florida-based provider of a proprietary line of superfoods that includes six unique flavors of matcha teas, turmeric blends and protein powder. Sourced directly from organic family farms in Japan (for matcha blends) and India (for turmeric blends) in order to ensure quality and authenticity, Healing Butterfly products contain no pesticides and no artificial chemicals. The company engages in sustainable practices for a holistic and responsible corporate culture. To learn more, please visit www.hbutterfly.com or follow Healing Butterfly on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.



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