In-Room Technologies Your Guests Actually Want

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You may be thinking “I already know this” as you read the title to this blog, but consumers are an elusive and complicated breed. Their preferences can either be spot on with predictions or end up the complete opposite of what was originally perceived. Thanks to several studies and reports on the market right now, researchers have been able to pull a massive amount of data pertaining to guest preferences. From this we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top in-room hotel technologies guests are really looking for.

  • Entertainment
    This is one of those “we already knew about it” scenarios, but bear with us as we assess the numbers. According to information presented by a recent infographic from Hotel News Now, The In-Room Tech Guests Really Want, when it comes to hotel rooms, 75% of guests use in-room entertainment amenities, such as TVs. With smart devices now becoming an extension of the human body (Seriously – have you seen someone walking around lately without some form of smart device in their hand or on their wrist?), it’s only natural that travelers will want the freedom to continue using these devices while staying in hotel rooms. Further, with the world becoming more connected, hotel guests want to be able to use their devices in conjunction with the in-room entertainment amenities at their hotels. 
  • Housekeeping
    Let’s paint a mental picture here: How many times have you stayed in a hotel in the last year? How many times during each of those stays have you needed to call the front desk or housekeeping for something? Now take it a step further and think how many times did I feel annoyed or inconvenienced at having to call and wait on a line to get service? Again, let’s look at the numbers. Hotel News Now’s Infographic explains that 35% of guests would prefer to use technology to schedule housekeeping services, while 26% want notifications sent directly to their smartphones when housekeeping arrives. The percentages are increasing with each passing year and it shows that guests really want more in-room hotel technologies with smart capabilities, like voice command and mobile apps, that can help them instantaneously send requests for what they need.
  • Utility Control
    Speaking of voice command, the infographic also shows that 25% of hotel guests want voice activation in their rooms to not only schedule housekeeping but also control the thermostat and lights. When staying at a hotel, do you really want to get up and switch off the lights after watching TV or working on your laptop in the bed? Yea, we don’t either. Plus, advanced voice technologies built for user convenience have become such a large part of consumer interest that having these as part of your in-room hotel technologies will give you a unique and competitive edge, ensuring guests remember their stay with you and feel more inclined to come back again.
  • Wi-Fi
    Another “Duh, we knew this already,” but more and more studies still show that large percentages of hotel guests report being dissatisfied with slow or malfunctioning Wi-Fi connections at various hotel properties all over the world. The Hotel News Now infographic states that 82% of hotel guests connect to hotel Wi-Fi, with 66% wishing that it was easier to connect and 33% saying they are unhappy with the difficulties they encounter trying to connect. When you think about how much and how often people use their smart devices it’s no wonder that it’s so easy to quickly use up pre-paid data. This makes the demand for good, high-speed internet access increase even more among travelers trying to stay connected while away from home. Better in-room hotel technologies are needed to accomplish this and keep its operation running seamlessly.
  • Implementing an in-room hotel technology strategy that prioritizes each of these will be what ultimately propels your property or brand forward as the technology horizon continues to shift and change. Improvements in these areas can help you expand services to increase your revenues and give your guests a truly once in a lifetime experience that will keep them coming back.

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