What a Solid PR Campaign Can Do for Your Business

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We’ve been writing blogs for our clients for years, and we thought it was high time we started our own. With over 25 years in the PR business, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to create a solid and successful campaign, and we plan to use this blog to share some of that hard-earned knowledge of our industry and the other industries we serve. In today’s content-rich world, blog posts are an integral part of public relations, positioning you and your business as industry thought leaders. They give your brand a voice, and like we’ve done for so many of our clients, we’re here to give ours one, too.

We’d like to start at the beginning, the basics if you will. In this, our inaugural blog post, we will be sharing some key tips, and a few secrets to success, about what a strategic and consistent PR plan can do to boost your business.

Following are a few “tools of the trade” that we use to promote your business and get your message in front of the right people to ensure your success:

  • Media Relations
    A key part of a successful public relations campaign is maintaining a positive relationship with media. But why are media relations important? Think of it this way: as a business, you’re trying to sell something – a product, a solution, a service, etc. In our case, we’re the salespeople, and your business is what we’re trying to sell. Media relations is a key part of reaching that goal, since the media has the power to greatly amplify your message and bring it to their pre-qualified audience. News coverage and editorial opportunities bring you a consistent flow of positive and relevant content that keeps you top of mind with your target market.
  • Events
    Including small or large-scale events into your PR strategy is a great way to connect with the target audience you wish to reach. Whether you’re a non-profit trying to raise funds or a large corporation wanting to promote corporate social responsibility, events are a great tool to portray your brand image to the public on your terms and in an atmosphere that you can control and create from the ground up.
  • Crisis Communications
    Not only are we here to keep your image in the public’s eye, we’re also here to protect that image from any crises that may come along. Having a plan regarding the best way to respond to “sticky situations” is a critical part of a solid PR strategy. However, many companies don’t put a policy in place until something happens that warrants it. With crisis communications, it’s all about being proactive, instead of reactive, so that you’re never blind-sided with panic about what to do next in a less than ideal situation.
  • Social Media
    We’re all very much aware that social media is no longer just a trendy new business platform on the horizon, but something that has become a real powerhouse for reaching your target markets and telling your brand story. To do this effectively, it’s all about engagement. Repeat that: EN-GAGE-MENT. Interacting in a two-way conversation with your followers in a language and forum that they relate to shows you care about their needs and establishes brand trust.
  • Content Creation
    Creating thoughtful, original content like blogs (see what we just did there?), graphics, infographics, thought leadership articles and more keeps your audience in the loop about who you are, what you’re doing, and what the value-add is that you bring to the table for them. These tools work hand-in-hand with your media relations and social media strategies to keep the conversation going about your brand.
  • Trade Show Development
    One of the best ways to meet the customers you want is to invest time in getting face to face with them in a different kind of environment. Industry trade shows play a key part in facilitating this environment, as they give you the opportunity to meet potential customers in a setting designed to facilitate new business opportunities. If you’re not participating here, you’re missing out on huge potential.

Want to know more? Stick around and see what we’ve got coming up next! Have a specific question? Drop us a line at 407.905.0608 or shoot us an email info@planapr.com.

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